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How-To: Frontlight your Game Boy Color!

That's right, I finally made a guide for the GBC! Here it goes, with pictures!

-A Game Boy Color
-A GBA SP (Make sure the model is AGS-001, not AGS-101); try to get one with a cracked screen
-A bit of wire
-Soldering iron
-A 47Ω Resistor (a bit less or a bit above won't hurt a thing)
-A phillips screwdriver (The + head)
-A tri-wing screwdriver (Like the + head, but with only 3 parts instead of 4)
-Wire cutters or other cutty things

1. First, dismantle your GBC. Remove the 6 screws on the back (triwing) and pull the back off. Then, remove the 3 screws from the middle (phillips).

2. Go to the top of the open GBC. See that little orange cable? There are two black tabs on either side. Push these tabs AWAY from the middle of the GBC, then gently pull the orange cable out of the slot.

3. Lift the now-free GBC motherboard out of the casing.

4. You'll be confronted with the screen, which has foam on the back. Using a credit card, pry under the area with the orange cable until the screen pops up. Remove the screen, and set it aside. Take your wire cutters or whatever else you please, and cut away the area below where the screen was (above the A and B buttons, below the screen itself).

5. Now, take apart the top of your GBASP. There are five screws on the screen border, under rubber things. Remove them (triwing). Now the back of the GBASP case should just fall off. There is a screen inside, with a black frame around it. DIsconnect the two wire contacts with your soldering iron, and flip it around to the front. Extract the black frame from the rest of the screen.

6. You'll have an assembly like this once you're done doing that:

7. Now, you need to get the black frame off of the frontlight itself. Remove the double-stick stuff that's on the top area:

Then, just push up from underneath and gently remove the clear plastic, attached to the metal bar. Don't tear the tiny ribbon cable!

8. Now, back to your GBC. Take the little panel, and mount it like this:

Be sure it is facing the right way! If it is facing the correct direction, there will be a little bit of orange cable on top of the metal bar as seen in the lower-left corner in my picture.

9. Now, put the LCD on top of what you just did.

Since nothing holds it in place, I suggest you use some tape along the right side and top to keep it where it is.

10. Using your handy soldering iron, solder two wires to the small metal contacts on the frontlight's ribbon cable. One should be about 1-2" long. This goes on the BOTTOM contact, and is GROUND. The other cable should be about 4" long, and goes on the TOP contact. This is the + Voltage.

11. The long cable should be routed and secured down towards the bottom of the case, on the opposite side of the speaker. The other wire should go towards the left side, and come up along the edge.

12. Now, being mega-careful, put the GBC motherboard back in place. It'll be a tight fit but it'll fit. Make sure the long wire comes out through the bottom, the short wire comes up on the side, and you plug the LCD ribbon back in.

13. Solder the short wire to somewhere as a ground. I used the power switch:

14. Now, look down at the lower-right section of the motherboard. See the little section, with 4 pins in a row? You need to solder the resistor to the TOP pin, like so, then solder the long wire to the resistor.

15. Here's an overview of how it should all look so far:

16. Now, just put it back together. It'll feel like a tight fit, but don't worry - the screen has foam there for a reason.

17. After that, pop in a game to test it out!

Stock on the outside...

Hardcore on the inside!


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